Research & Evaluation

Research and Evaluation is needed to ensure quality, but in the current economic climate it is particularly important to help review work methodologies and practices in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency and to make the case, if appropriate, for continuing funding. This is important both for organisations and for individuals committed to quality in their work.

A critical review of strengths and weaknesses of programmes, policies and products makes it possible to predict future patterns, determine causes, offer explanations and draw conclusions.

Our team of experts can work in partnership with you to achieve your goals and to provide you with an authoritative and independent evaluation. Both quantitative and qualitative measures will be used to gather and examine evidence.

We will:

  • Discuss with you why you need to evaluate – and who is the evaluation for?
  • Draft and refine research questions, having listened to the questions you need asked
  • Highlight information needed to answer your questions
  • Design the approach to evaluation
  • Collect information and data
  • Analyse the information and data gathered
  • Produce draft conclusions for discussion with you
  • Prepare a final report for you and for others with whom you need to share it
  • Discuss with you how you might use the results to modify the programme or services provided

Our aim is to build capacity by helping you and your organisation to integrate evaluation into your working pattern so that you and your team can use the techniques and approaches which we have designed specifically for your situation to make ongoing decisions about programme management and service delivery. We will, of course, be available to provide continuing as required.