Growth Mindset Ambassador Programme

The purpose of the Growth Mindset Ambassadors programme is to work with a class of pupils to develop their resilience and confidence. This is achieved by;

• developing the pupils’ own growth mindset
• training them to be a representative for the school in how to model growth mindset
• teaching them skills to peer mentor younger pupils

The programme will introduce the principles behind developing a growth mindset, through active and interdisciplinary learning.

The programme is fun and engaging and is ideally suited for P6 classes but can be adapted for P5 or P7.

Overview of the Programme

The programme is designed for pupils to learn through training, sharing and being a role model (see driver diagram).

Driver Diagram

Initially, the selected class (or classes) will participate in two half day workshops with  follow-on activities to embed the learning. The first workshop will be run over half a day with the second workshop completed approximately 3 weeks later. Pupils will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of Workshop 2.

Overview of the Workshops

Workshop 1

• Learn the differences between Fixed and Growth Mindset
• Introduction of Mindset UK Framework and principles;
o The Brain
o The Process
o The Culture
• How to apply what they have learned about Growth Mindset in school/class

Workshop 2

• Show their learning of Growth Mindset – posters, pictures, learning pits, songs raps, scenarios etc
• Look at how to share the key Growth Mindset messages with younger pupils, parents and school staff.
• How to be a great Ambassador/Mentor

The class teacher is asked to carry out some follow-on activities to embed the learning from workshop 1 in preparation for Workshop 2. This will be done through an interdisciplinary Learning approach and will include activities in;

• Literacy
• Art
• Music/Drama
• Metacognition

After completion of workshop 2 there is an opportunity to work closely with younger children in the school – nursery or P1. In collaboration with the nursery staff or P1 class teacher each pupil is assigned a specific nursery/P1 child and asked to teach and mentor that pupil in learning a skill they ‘can’t do yet’. Examples of these skills included tying their shoelaces, writing their name, counting to 5, skipping etc. The trainee ambassadors are given guidance on;

• How to use the knowledge of the brain to help the nursery child/P1 pupil learn
• How to use the growth mindset strategies they have learned to help the younger children persist and progress
• How to give appropriate praise and feedback
NB: Small group coaching for the trainee ambassadors can be included in this package

Evidence of impact

• Evidence from iMovie, posters, songs, raps etc
• Completion of Pupil Booklet and Pupil Challenge sheet (supplied)
• Staff measurement sheet – engagement scale (supplied)
• Qualitative feedback will be collected from the Early Years Practitioner/P1 teacher, the nursery children and the ambassadors during this time and a report written up.