What can KEEP offer to colleges?

  • A one-stop shop for a variety of services
  • Provision of short CPD events on a range of current topics
  • Management of small-scale to large-scale events and conferences
  • Assistance with curriculum development
  • Help with developing and promoting partnership and co-operation, in particular to meet the challenges of creating a lifelong learning culture
  • Promoting entrepreneurship amongst students
  • Promoting the sensible deployment of ICT across the sector
  • Help in developing the adult literacy and numeracy agenda
  • Help to encourage the participation of those from disadvantaged and under represented groups, particularly where there is no history or family tradition of adult learning
  • Developing policies of inclusiveness and diversity
  • Help to address the challenges of FE provision in rural and remote communities
  • To consider how FE student support system might be simplified and better targeted to achieve the principal objective of focusing on students in greatest need
  • To help develop the highest standards of governance, management and leadership are developed and sustained throughout the sector
  • To help the sector to address the need for better management of human resources and the promotion of equal opportunities in colleges
  • To support FE lecturers in developing and maintaining up to date, responsive, flexible and transferable teaching skills
  • To assist in managing the pace of strategic review within the sector
  • And many more


Our consultants will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Just contact us to discuss your needs.